Sometimes you don’t always want a visual to turn you on. Maybe you would prefer a written story to take you to a few sexy places in your imagination instead. And this blog is there to do just that, to sensually draw your mind into that raunchy, scandalous part of your mind that we all have.

So, who am I? You’ve probably seen me being a bit of a tease on snapchat, or maybe from my Twitter’s suggestive posts. I’m Ida Adora, a cam girl, erotic dancer, and I sell my own sexually explicit content. As well as creating suggestive and sexual content, I decided to branch out to writing and I felt blogging was the perfect platform. I enjoy engaging in many sexual fantasies and as well as living them, I now write them to see where my fancy takes me. We can be a bit daring and forward sometimes, but for many of us, the brain takes us to places we are a bit shy to go to in reality.

This blog includes short erotic stories, erotic poetry and dick reviews, where people may submit their penis and I write a detailed review and rate it out of ten. I also have a fun section ‘Your sex confessions’, where you can submit your own naughty stories or sexual experiences! It also includes all my dance and tease videos in one place. Without further ado, please explore and enjoy!