A girl on girl encounter at the club


The music was pounding, the lights flashing hard and bright. Lilly’s feet hurt but she didn’t care. She’d been dancing with her girls Aliyah and Gina half the night, knocking back shots, downing drinks and relishing on cocktails. The dance floor was crowded, people jumping and moving to the music. Lilly was loving it. But on the side in the corner of the room she spotted a girl that made her stop in her tracks. This girl was whining her big booty in a sexy mesh catsuit and tossing her long wavy dark brunette hair. Lilly normally went for boys but none of the guys at the club had taken her fancy. But this girl was stunning, and her hips were huge. The girl caught Lilly’s eyes staring at her and stared right back. Lilly instantly blushed and looked away. When she looked back the girl was smirking, she raised her fingers and motioned her to come over. Lilly was so shocked she didn’t know how to react. The girl raised her eyebrows and pointed at the toilet, and walked to the doors. In that moment, Lilly knew she had to follow her. She turned to Gina to shout in her ear ‘I just need the loo really quick!’ Gina nodded, and yelled back ‘Make sure you text me!’ Lilly nodded and waved her phone so Gina could see. She turned quickly and pushed through the crowd to the toilets.


When Lilly entered, it was quite a spacious restroom, big mirrors stretching on the wall on the left opposite black uniformly painted cubicles. She cast her eyes around, looking for the girl. There was a bunch of loud girls gossiping avidly, holding heels in their hand.
‘I told you that bitch was a slag how is she texting Adam?? Who the hell does she think she is? As if I won’t rip her fake extensions out!’ Snarled one, she was a petite blonde in a skimpy orange dress, her makeup around the eyes were smudged. ‘Proper lying snake, she thinks she can nab other girl’s boyfriends as if we won’t do anything about it!’ Her friends were nodding and hugging her sympathetically. Lilly, not wanting to get caught up in their drama, scanned quickly for the girl she’d spotted in the club. There were so many girls bumping and jostling in the huge cubicle, she couldn’t be sure. Eventually she spotted her towards the back, in her own corner, fixing her makeup over a basin. She caught Lilly’s eyes in the mirror and nodded at her to come over. Lilly walked over to her.
‘Hey…’ she twirled off shyly, not knowing what to say. Why was she getting butterflies over a girl? This was new. The girl turned to her, she lifted her hand and stroked her wat.
‘What took you so long eh? Caught you preeing me on the floor back there, you seem interested,’ She smirked again. ‘My name’s Arli, what’s yours?’
‘Lilly,’ she breathed. She couldn’t stop staring at her impressive bust and wide hips.
‘Pretty name.’ Arli looked her up and her down. It made Lilly hot, it was obvious she was checking her out.


Arli took her and pushed her towards the wall. Backed up, Lilly became flustered. ‘You ever been with a girl?’ Arli breathed into her ear.
‘N-No’ Lilly stammered. This was crazy why was her heart beating so hard? ‘Arli smirked again. Before she knew it Lilly felt a hand over her panties. Arli pushed her large bosom onto hers, trapping her against the wall so she couldn’t move.
‘Doesn’t that feel good?’ She hissed at Lilly. ‘I know you want it…’ Abruptly she pulled Lilly’s panties to the site and pushed a finger inside her. Lilly gasped aloud in shock and moaned in pleasure. She instantly felt a sharp slap across her cheek.
‘Quiet. There other people here.’ Arli chided her sternly, but she was grinning. She slipped another finger inside Lilly’s pussy. It took everything in her not to cry aloud. Her pussy was pulsating, she couldn’t believe how wet she was. Any more and she would come close to cumming. Arli was stroking Lilly’s neck with her other hand, and slowly brought her hand to her lips and then clapped her hand hard round Lilly’s mouth. She pushed her fingers in harder than ever, going faster and faster, making Lilly writh and moan but she was unable to speak with Arli’s hand pressed on her face. All she knew was that she was going to cum, and Arli staring directly in her face, knew it. Arli’s hand was pounding so hard she couldn’t help it, she came in a massive explosion that sent her wishing she could scream, but Arli’s hand stopped her. The orgasm came in waves making Lilly feel almost on the verge of collapse. Lilly couldn’t believe it, surely the other girls must know what’s going on? But no one seemed to take notice.  Arli, looking smug, took her hand away from her pussy and straightened Lilly’s skirt. She discreetly washed her hands, grinning at Lilly in the mirror. When done, she straightened up. Lilly wondered what would come next, she felt overwhelmed and dizzy, that orgasm was amazing.



Arli took her hand and led her into a cubicle. Lilly started protest, ‘We’ll get seen-‘ Arli shushed her. ‘They’re drunk, no one’s gonna notice.’ Lilly shut up and followed her in, and Arli locked the cubicle door. Without a word she motioned Lilly to sit on the toilet seat. Lilly obeyed, her heart beating fast, what was going to happen next? Arli took down the top of her bodysuit, revealing her large, breasts sitting in a black lacy bra. Lilly gasped. She couldn’t believe how large they were. Without a word, Arli took down the rest of her catsuit. Lilly sat in awe. She reached out to grab Arli’s curvaceous hips. Arli smiled and removed her thongs in quick succession. She looked down, ‘Now it’s your turn. I want you to lick me out. I’m going to sit on your face. Lie down on the floor for me.’ Hastily Lilly did as she was told. There was something thrilling about the way she was being told what to do. Arli, kneeled down, and placed her pussy on Lilly’s lips. It was wet, and warm. Lilly began licking and moving her tongue around, as Arli’s juices oozed into her mouth.
‘Good girl’ Arli moaned as she rubbed her pussy harder against Lilly’s tongue. ‘Treat that pussy good, make me cum’ She began to pull Lilly’s dress down, exposing her medium sized breasts, and started rubbing and squeezing them, making Lilly moan into her pussy, Arli slapped her breasts, making her jolt. ‘Lick me out properly slut!’ She growled. Lilly gasped and kept going, gasping for air as Arli’s large buttocks were covering most of her face.
‘I don’t care if you can’t breathe bitch, I want you to make me cum!’ Arli pushed her pussy in deeper than ever, her juices rushing into Lilly’s mouth. Soon Arli’s body gave way and her orgasm came, in a big rush. ‘Ugh yes!’ She moaned. ‘Drink it up you little slut, I don’t want you stop till I’m dry.’ Arli gasped. Lilly gave in, sucking her juices out, desperate for Arli’s heavy weight to move. She took it all in willingly. ‘Good girl.’ Arli sighed in pleasure and finally got off. Lilly breathed a quiet sigh of relief. That felt so good but Arli was heavy!


Arli got up and put on her bodysuit back on. Lilly scrambled up to do the same with her dress. Arli stroked her hair and moved back into place. ‘You’d better sort your makeup out, you look a mess!’ Lilly giggled in response, ‘I guess so!’ Arli licked her lips. ‘Say yes mistress.’ Lilly stuttered in shock, ‘uhh??’ Arli grinned, her hands moving from Lilly’s hair to her throat.
‘Say ‘yes mistress’’ She pulled Lilly closer to her by the throat. Lilly’s heart started racing she was so speechless. Was this really happening? ‘Y-Yes mistress’ She stammered.
‘Good girl.’ Arli smirked. ‘Your mine now. Your coming home with me.’ She let go of Lilly’s throat, who stumbled and struggled to regain her feet. ‘Yes-yes mistress’ She stammered shyly. ‘Text your friends.’ Arli said. ‘You’re coming home with me. We’re getting a cab.’ There was clearly no point protesting, she could see Arli would not be swayed. Not only that but Lilly didn’t want this to end. Her burning curiosity made her want to see what was in store. So she did as she was told, and got her phone out of her clutch bag, to see ten missed calls and fifteen texts from both Gina and Aliyah. ‘Oh shit!’ She muttered. In the excitement, she’d completely forgotten about them. They must be worried sick. A quick text to let them know she was fine and on her way home would pacify them. Meanwhile, Arli was on the phone a cab. ‘Come on, our Uber’s outside.’ Lilly hurried off with her and they walked off through the crowds and up the stairs past the exit and the bouncers.


Lilly was tired, tipsy but still excited to see what was in store. They bundled in the cab together. ‘Did you have a good night, girls?’ The driver cheerfully asked.
‘Yeah it was great!’ Arli smirked. She pulled Lilly over to her, and threw her coat over Lilly’s lap. What now, Lilly wondered. She didn’t have to anymore when she felt her dress being tugged up by Arli. ‘Again??’ She bleated. ‘What about the … driver?’ She whispered.
‘Shhhhhh’ Arli covered Lilly’s mouth. ‘This is just the beginning.’ She took something metal and shiny out of her bag, Lilly caught a glimpse, a shiny, jewelled butt plug. Her heart skipped a beat. She’d never tried one before. Arli pushed it through Lilly’s lips. ‘Make it nice and wet for me’ Lilly did as she was told. Arli took it out and pushed into asshole. Lilly groaned, it was metal, slippery and cold. ‘There you go.’ Arli happily adjusted her skirt back to normal. ‘I’m going to have some fun with you later’
‘Yes mistress.’ Lilly responded meekly. She didn’t care anymore. She looked outside the car at the flashing headlamps racing past. She just wanted to know what was in store. Her pussy throbbed as Arli toyed around with it as she liked. She didn’t mind. She couldn’t believe this was real. It had all happened so fast. But it didn’t matter. She was hers now, and she was loving it.



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